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Welcome to my personal writing service!

What I do is create custom content based on what you want! Although some extremely technical things may be beyond my capacity (Don't expect me to know how to program... but I do know the basic programming logic actually), I can write about almost anything in article form(well, except adult materials, I have never and will never write anything related to adult themed subject matters unless you want to pay me in gold bars that weight a thousand ounces for 100 words).

• I attempt to keep my prices reasonable - I have to survive off of what I do after all

• Quality and Quantity with a balance toward Quality is priority, Quality is Queen, if Content is King

• You only pay when satisfied - which guarantees your satisfaction!

• Payment occurs after the order is completed - Because I want you to feel secure

• I was born in the U.S.A. and I plan to die here too. So yes, I speak English

• If you came from the Digital Point Site and wish to PM me there - Click Here

• If you wish to Email me - simply email jackuul[at]gmail[dot]com

Interrobang Friendly.