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What about me?

Well, I have been a member of the DigitalPoint forum for almost a whole year; however I have been writing my entire life, starting with about the time I got my first computer several years ago. Since then, of course, I have improved, and I have taken college English classes and passed with A's. Math... not so much in the A area. Otherwise I have been doing content writing since June of 07 and since then I have written hundreds of articles and tens of thousands of words. What else can I say? I like to write and I would like you to hire me. So help prevent kitten fires, hire me today!

Do you need some content? Of course you do! Everyone needs content, and content separates the meek from the bold. In fact, the better the content, the better your search results will be, all you have to do to get this kind of great content is to hire me! I've been writing for years, I have done nearly a thousand articles, some for content and some my own. I have been creative writing since I was in grade school, and I have continued that until today. I can work from information you give me to give to you exactly what you need.

If you needed an article on nuclear fission, well I could incorporate the keyword for that (nuclear fission) into it enough that the density is just right. I mean, of course you would probably want more than one article on nuclear fission, because it has so many different aspects to it. In order to fill your order and to make sure my information is correct I would research nuclear fission carefully, and deliver to you as many articles as requested - but not only that I can also do creative writing incorporating the word nuclear fission into it many times. In fact I probably do stories and creative writing a tad bit better than dull old articles. I mean, if you want people to come to your site for a keyword, it is obviously important that they have something to read that will hook them. I know nuclear fission might not be the most interesting read, but if you include some stories about nuclear fission, along with details on the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island incidents you're bound to get a reader right?

You saw what I just did? In 290 words I just fed the keyword 'Nuclear Fission' into it no less than seven times ina relevant way. That's right, that space of 290 words has a 2% density of JUST THAT ONE KEYWORD. I can do more than one too. I have many satisfied customers, and my iTrader on DigitalPoint shows that. (Unfortunately a few people have neglected to leave me iTrader, although I left them some and they commended my work).

So now you might be wondering, how much do I charge? Go to the Pricelist
I can do articles on Autism, Aspergers, Vaccines and Psychology! I don't stop there, just throw at me some history, sociology, geography, and scientology (Never mind that last one, Tom scares me).

I can write articles, I can write stories, and I can write creatively. All the content is my own, and I own it till you pay for it, and you pay for it AFTER you review it, so you know I guarantee it! In fact I am so sure my content is original - since my hands create it - that I also do a copyscape on it through a prosearch, just in case someone even had a thought like me (and so far 500 prosearches later, not a soul has matched me).

So in conclusion, without being too wordy (although I dare say that is what you want in a content writer) I give to you this:

Consider hiring me today, and send me a Private Message on DigitalPoint or WebTalkForum - and you get the deal! Or you could email me: jackuul[at]gmail[dot]com!

And have a nice content day.