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My Pricelist

As of 12-11-2011 my rate is $0.05 per word for casual articles. My price for researched articles is $0.07 (sourced, cited, etc).

Just send me a PM on Digitalpoint (link is below) or email me, and I'll send you a excel sheet to fill out, what you want, how you want, what you want in it, and the length you want. The more information, the more I can write. I write for you, and I do better with the info, so consider my writing for all your earthly internet needs, because I have needs too. I have things to create, empires to build, worlds to conquer, but I need cash to do it, and of course you benefit too (you get awesome content).

Hire me today, and send me a Private Message on DigitalPoint or an email at jackuul[at]gmail[dot]com!